Low Cost Term Life Insurance in Delaware

Ever since the Delaware became the first state after ratifying the constitution, people began fighting cocks. The blue hen chicken has since become the state bird of Delaware and the state is even sometimes nicknamed ‘The blue hen state’. But how did these birds become blue?

An Unusual Story Started

It all started when the cock fighting craze gathered momentum. People wanted to make their birds unique, like a team uniform and others believed painting their birds bright colors would scare the other birds.

The Delaware population became so obsessed they all took out term life coverage on their prize fighters. But the hens never seemed to last longer than a couple of bouts and low cost policies became harder and harder to find.

Also, suffocating the skin of their cocks with paint didn’t help. The blue hens were different however. They were dyed with a non-toxic powder laced with steroids to build muscle and increase aggression.

Within the year, only blue hens were left and the fighting stopped. The owner of the ‘Fighting Blue Hens’ became very rich almost overnight and poured his winnings into starting up his own insurance company.

Underwriting Insurance for Hen Fighting

Now he underwriters low cost term life insurance for fighting pit-bull terriers. He also provides all his customers with the same blue dye for their dogs, ensuring he will never have to make a payout.

This man was called Oliver Evans and hailed from Newport, Delaware. He soon grew tired of selling term life insurance and in 1785 he invented machinery that could mill flour automatically.

This completely changed the milling industry and once again, Evans made a fortune. He immediately started up yet another insurance company, for he realized he was addicted to it.

Evans was careful to compare rates from all Delaware brokers and sell the best insurance products to audience. Now everyone goes to Ollie and guess what the company’s logo is? That’s right, a fighting blue hen.


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