Term life insurance with no medical exam

Fresh health care regulations have been released by the Obama administration. The new regulations preclude insurance companies from manipulating premiums due to chronic health or pre-existing conditions. This makes your search for term life insurance with no medical exam easier. The government now informs states about the benefits included in the health plans. It has also enabled employers to reward employees who have maintained good health.

The Affordable Care Act will ensure an insurance market that is beneficial to consumers for health and human services. The credit goes to health care law, as no one will be judged based on their medical conditions. The main features of the new laws are as follows:

  • Insurers will not be allowed to deny coverage or charge more for people who are suffering from medical issues or chronic health conditions. In almost 42 states, insurance companies are charging almost five times more for people with pre-existing conditions or people who apply for term life insurance with no medical exam.
  • Insurers will not be allowed to charge smokers more, or make changes to premiums based on geography or the size of a family.
  • Insurers will not be allowed to use health status, claim history, occupation or gender to increase premiums.
  • It will be mandatory for every state to provide ten essential benefits, such as coverage for prescription drugs or hospital care, which are detailed at new health care exchanges. Consumers will be able to see what health plans are available on the market. The options available in term life insurance with no medical exam will also be explained. The states are at liberty to set up the benefits of insurance plans themselves.
  • The act will Implement and expand employment based fitness programs to control expenditure on health care and promote health. It will also make sure that individuals are protected from undesired underwriting practices which may reduce healthcare benefits.

Term life insurance with no medical exam and your employer

Employers will be able to use wellness programs to control the costs of health care and promote health. Employees will be rewarded by the employers for being regulars at work outs and annual exams. They are not allowed to punish people who do not engage in these activities.

These rules will be implemented for term life insurance with no medical exam. Guidelines have been provided to implement provisions in the health care law of 2010. This is not final. Government and participants will be given a 90 day period to negotiate adjustments in the rules.

The rules have been unnecessarily delayed due to political reasons. According to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, it was expected that the rules will be implemented in the year 2012. You need to see the whole picture, since everything is so interconnected.

Without these rules states may make avoidable mistakes in creating their exchanges. Essential benefits related to health should not be so complicated that they make the plans too expensive. In order to ensure that states comply with the deadlines, government should keep these plans simple.

Term life insurance with no medical exam and health benefits should come with additional flexibility. It will have a drastic affect on small business and families, who will be forced to purchase these plans. Many experts have argued for a stronger requirement.

For people with serious medical issues such as cancer, restrictions on benefits and limitations should be addressed with flexibility. In the next few years it is expected that the country will have a uniform definition of coverage. This will provide care depending on medical conditions rather than the basis of geographical location.

Employers and insurance companies have already extended their cooperation in implementing these proposed rules. They are providing coverage at low premiums to people who have religiously followed wellness programs and annual checks. In certain cases where a health condition was diagnosed early during a wellness check, it has saved the employer thousands of dollars.

The Affordable Care Act realizes the fact that wellness programs enable workers to have access to services that can help their families lead a healthy life. They will also lower their cost for term life insurance with no medical exam. On the other hand, it is a win-win situation for the employers, as a healthy employee is not only more productive but more economical to Insure.