The Best Burial Insurance Companies

Finding the best burial insurance companies has become important as they help to take care of all your funeral expenses. This holds particular relevance due to the continuous rise in the costs of conducting funeral services. On average a burial service is expected to cost at least $6000 and could go as high as $10,000. This is a substantial sum of money for most families across the United States. It is smart to go in for a comprehensive burial policy so that your own family members do not have to foot the bill. The remainder of the proceeds from your policy can be directed to beneficiaries to help them fund their own expenses. This guide will help you better understand the best burial insurance companies.

Some of the best Burial Insurance Companies In The Marketplace:

Baltimore Life Final Expense 

This company has been part of the insurance industry for over 130 years with the experience of having served millions of clients. Their insurance is available across 49 states in the US and also in the District of Columbia. Their final expense insurance is known as the Silver Guard series, which can be purchased to look after all your burial costs.

Foresters Final Expense

Foresters insurance has been around for a long time and has developed a loyal client following over the past few decades. Their Plan Right Final Expense policy has been extremely popular among the masses to become one of the best burial insurance companies in the market. The company offers its’ members special benefits along with community involvement opportunities which have received wide spread appreciation over the years. Apart from getting value for money coverage the policy also offers several fraternal benefits to its members. These include:

Critical illness member benefits

Young family member benefits

Terminal illness member benefits

Orphans scholarship member benefits

Competitive scholarship member benefits

Forethought Final Expense Insurance

This company has been a provider of insurance policies since 1985 and enjoys a rating of (A-), which is an excellent indicator of their quality of service. Their final expense product is called Forethought Freedom, which will help you cover all the costs related to your funeral service.  The policy is available in 48 states across the US. Members can get access to one of the largest end of life assistance networks called the Forethought Funeral Planning Network, which has over 5000 partners.

Phoenix Remembrance Final Expense

This company was founded during the year 1851 and enjoyed a long and fruitful innings in the insurance industry with the satisfaction of having served millions of customers in the process. Their final expense policy is extremely popular in the market and has been formulated in a specific way. This means that the beneficiaries of the investor can receive a lump sum amount in the form of death benefits that is almost equal to the base policy face amount.

 Sentinel Life Final Expense

Sentinel has been operational since 1948 and provides policies for over 16 states across the US.  The company has developed a serious reputation as one of the best burial insurance companies for being very prompt with their service. Claims have been known to be paid out the same day they were received.  Sentinel offers its customers 3 burial insurance plans to cater to specific requirements. These are:

Sentinel Life New Vantage I

Sentinel Life New Vantage II

Sentinel Life New Vantage III

 Stonebridge life final expense

The company was founded in 1900 and over time has served over 3.7 millions customers with various insurance products. Their final expense insurance policy is equally popular in that it offers substantive coverage in the form of death benefits. Stonebridge offers two main final expense plans to the customer, which are:

Stonebridge Security I

Stonebridge Security II