West Virginia Term Life Insurance

West Virginia was one of only two US states created during the American Civil War, the other being Nevada. Although being situated high in the country, bordering Pennsylvania in the north, it qualifies as part of America’s south due to its status as a Civil War border territory.

The state of West Virginia is, in its entirety, part of the Appalachian mountain range and the region is often referred to as Appalachia. It is a beautiful region and is renowned for its outdoor pursuits, such as mountaineering, cycling, white water rafting, hiking and many others.

One such pursuit is canoeing, as can be seen in the film Deliverance. Filmed entirely in West Virginia and set in the Appalachian Mountains, the scenery in John Boorman’s film is captivating, as the four protagonists canoe their way down the fictional Tahulawassee River in search of adventure only to find their fun cut short by a couple of perverted “mountain folk” who end up getting shot with Burt Reynolds’ compound bow in one of the star’s best roles to date.

These hillbillies aren’t the type to carry term life insurance, but had they been there would have been quite a payout by the end of the film as the four men seek revenge upon their assailants. Sadly they keep on killing the wrong guy, as these local folks all seem to look alike. The West Virginia Insurance Commissioner would be tearing his hair out by the time their canoeing trip was over.

Luckily for the locals, things start to go wrong as the city boys start to fall on bad luck. One of them, Drew, falls over board in some rapids and is found looking like a pile of pick-up-sticks farther downstream. It’s only a matter of time before Ed, Bobby and Lewis run into trouble themselves, when their last canoe capsizes and Lewis breaks his leg, and Ed (played by Jon Voight) ends up managing to shoot himself with his own arrow.

The moral of the story is that, should you be planning a canoeing trip in the state, be sure to take out Term Life insurance, as this will see your family through difficult times after your inevitable demise.