An Overview of Globe Term Life Insurance

One way to ensure peace of mind is to insure your life so that in case of unexpected circumstances, your family is still secure. This is where Globe term life  insurance comes into the picture. Whatever the tension in your mind, having a Globe policy will ensure that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to insurance and financial stability.

A brief overview of Globe Insurance Company

Apart from the many things Oklahoma is home to, Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company is another feather in its cap. It was in the year 1951, with a borrowed capital of $60,000, that the institution of Globe was founded to cater to the rural communities of the town.  With a legacy of more than 50 years, Globe Life is today one of the most reputable and prominent life and guaranteed renewable policy providers in the whole of USA. The company is now a completely owned subsidiary of Torchmark Corporation.

Why do people want to associate with Globe?

Insurance is a very crucial and sensitive matter. People want their life policies customized so that they get good cover without feeling too much of a financial crunch. Globe life insurancerespects your thinking as if it were their own. This is why, not just Oklahoma, the popularity of Globe has spread far and wide. This is one of the few companies where policies are not sold, but purchased.

There are several products Globe deals with. They are Life cover (Adult and Children), Accidental Death cover, Child safe Kit, Mortgage Protection Plan and Medicare supplement, to name a few. But among them all, the most popular product remains the term life policy.

Globe term life insurance

There are numerous benefits that motivate one to purchase Globe term life insuranceHere is aglance at a few of them. Minimum start up price – Considered one of the most affordable term insurance, Globe term life insurance begins with a monthly premium of as low as $5.09.

Simple to Apply – No lengthy interview processes, no detective sort of record checks, only short and simple answers to a few basic questions is required.

Flat premium rate – Irrespective of the economic conditions around, the coverage level remains the same as decided at the time of the policy purchase. Similarly, there also would be no change in the coverage amount.

30 days money back policy – If for any reason, if the policyfails to live up to its customers’ expectations, there is a “no question asked money back” policy.

With so many features and facilities, Globe has truly the potential to become a global name. Who wouldn’t want to associate with such an insurance provider!