Compare Quotes and Rates for Wholesale Term Life Insurance makes term life insurance comparisons easy. We have quotes and rates from all the major providers at your fingertips, with our powerful and fast quote engine finding your requested results immediately. Not only does this enable you to compare rates for the entire market; it also means you are getting regularly updated information for the most accurate quotes.

Modern technology has made the search for term life plans far easier than ever before. You now hold all the cards, without having to rely on agents to do the legwork for you (who would often have their own commission in mind). The internet has revolutionized many things, but as far as quoting is concerned it is now a far more streamlined, accurate service that is accessible from your own home. The process is unrecognizable as compared to the telephonic system of just a few years ago.

We have been helping people find their ideal plan, preferred term and coverage amount for decades. You have a wealth of insurers competing to give you the best deal but they often lack expertise in certain areas, and may overlook key factors when helping you decide on a policy. will always strive to deliver the correct balance of value and coverage to ensure your policy rewards you for paying your premium dollar.

Our experienced agents’s agents are renowned for their quality advice and plain-English approach to ensuring our customers get the right deal when comparing plans.

However you choose to interact, whether by telephone or via email, our agents strive to find the best policy to suit your individual requirements. Take Paul Schofield, a retired teacher from St Louis, Missouri, who enjoys the occasional cigar, but didn’t want to be bundled with smoker’s rates. Our agents found him a policy from a provider that differentiates between cigar smokers and regular smokers, with rates that are just 4% to 6% higher than those of nonsmokers!

The chart below represents the type of comparisons we provide when securing nonsmoker rates for cigar smokers of various ages:

Prudential Life Insurance
*Monthly Premiums Based on Male Enrollee with $500,000 Coverage
10 year Plan
15 year Plan
20 year Plan
30 year Plan
30 year old Cigar PRU
$ 46.00
$ 48.00
$ 50.00
$ 61.00
30 year old Smoker
$ 66.00
$ 77.00
$ 90.00
$ 150.00
40 year old Cigar PRU
$ 59.00
$ 61.00
$ 71.00
$ 97.00
40 year old Smoker
$ 108.00
$ 133.00
$ 170.00
$ 280.00
50 year old Cigar PRU
$ 106.00
$ 120.00
$ 146.00
$ 243.00
50 year old Smoker
$ 258.00
$ 323.00
$ 420.00
$ 600.00
60 year old Cigar PRU
$ 213.00
$ 268.00
$ 370.00
60 year old Smoker
$ 566.00
$ 756.00
$ 900.00
65 year old Cigar PRU
$ 335.00
$ 478.00
$ 658.00
65 year old Smoker
$ 922.00
$ 1,190.00
$ 1,580.00

Our Life Insurance Quote Engine

We have a powerful, high speed quote engine to assist you in comparing quote results. Simply fill the form at the top of this page, click “GET QUOTES” and you will be instantly presented with dozens of quotes and rates from major providers suited to your search criteria.

The searches are in order of term length, shortest term to longest, and are priced accordingly. You can then compare prices with those of other policy providers and consider other criteria, life insurance in force, company assets and much more, to ensure that you will be getting the most out of your future plan.

The various plans have been divided into multiple choices, to make life easier for our customers. Once you have decided on a plan you will be directed to one of our helpful, experienced and qualified agents, who will make sure you are on the right path.

If you are considering buying insurance, but are not ready to take the plunge just yet, or if your renewal is coming up and you wish to test the market, please feel free to try our quote engine for size; there is absolutely no commitment to buy – we just want you to use it!

Customers that are familiar with our quote engine will be in a far better position to compare the market once they wish to receive term life coverage. Of course our agents will be there to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you will have the plan you wanted, for the entirety of your policy’s term.

Compare Term Life Insurance - Effective Tips for Saving Money on Premiums

Term life is one of the more affordable insurance products available to consumers. It is the cheapest insurance solution for anyone on a budget. Term life insurance plans come in different “terms” such as 5, 10, 15, and 20 year intervals.

Insurance companies have their own rules and regulations. One can buy any number of plans. The perfect time to invest money in term life plan is when you have liabilities that are going to end after a specific period of time.

You can ask for insurance quotes to compare different insurance plans. Customers should know about all available options from various term policies to ensure they have the right coverage for their unique needs and the individual needs of their family as well. Many people are still unsure of the exact meaning of “level term insurance”; this is a policy that is legitimate for a particular time period, with a premium that will not change over the course of the designated term.

What type of "Term Life Insurance" plan would suit you best?

Policy choices might be influenced by a person’s age. As a rule of thumb, the younger you are, the less you have to pay for premiums. Seniors older than 55 years of age have to pay large premiums for a term life policy. Term Life Insurance is more precise than whole life insurance, since it doesn't lift in economic value; yet, it'll be obtainable for use and fully paid up after the term is finished. It is a good idea to review the provider’s history and financial credentials if you don’t want to see your premium dollar put to bad use.

As with anything, one should always do a lot of shopping to get the most out of a term life policy. Insurance companies have their own rules and policies. It is you who are investing cash in the plan, so be sure to know as much as possible about the market and the competition before you buy.