Are Marijuana Life Insurance Programs Risky?

The question being asked about marijuana life insurance based policies is this: If insurance companies are offering policies which have substantial premiums being offered to marijuana smokers, is it risky for the recipient and the insurance company?

The key is to research before you purchase a life insurance policy if you are a marijuana user. Life insurance companies will always calculate your quote based upon the quantity of marijuana found in your blood. With the technical equipment used in the tests, it is possible for the insurance agency to figure out whether you are an ex-smoker or a marijuana smoker. Most of these companies will either simply charge you a very high premium or will simply deny you the policy.

Term life insurance is considered adequate for marijuana smokers. They can easily purchase this insurance policy when they’ve completely given up marijuana smoking. Term life insurance agents are the best option for issuing a marijuana life insurance policy at a low cost which is understood and analyzed by the agency. They allow purchase of the insurance policy with death benefits, fiscal assistance and medical cover.

Even if you do come across insurance agencies who will issue you a health insurance policy, you will be placed in the smoker’s section where you will have to pay a premium. This is considerable and equivalent to chain smokers who are also a part of this category. Even if you no longer smoke marijuana, some insurance companies will still place you under the smoker’s status.

Marijuana Life Insurance Programs and Costs

There are a few insurance agencies who can charge you for being a drug addict. Most of the insurance agencies keep their information regarding the medical history of their recipients confidential. The risk of getting framed or charged is greatly reduced simply because insurance companies need to protect their clients.

If you don’t admit that you have smoked pot in the past, then you have to undergo a medical check-up which comprises of a blood test. If the blood test results show you have been consuming marijuana in large and heavy quantities then not only will you be charged guilty for lying, but your denied application will be recorded by further authorities. This will expose your medical history to all insurance companies which can eliminate the chances of you getting another life insurance program.

If you are a patient who is suffering from a certain disorder and maintain the right to use marijuana as a means of treating your symptoms, then insurance companies cannot deny you your death benefits. They can’t stop you from purchasing a life insurance policy for yourself under a subsidized premium.

Save yourself from marijuana life insurance problems by taking a few precautionary measures which will ensure a subsidized life insurance policy. These steps will also help you avoid trouble with the law.