Marijuana Life Insurance in Israel: Illegality versus Spirituality

Although marijuana is illegal in Israel, there is a government-approved farm at a secret location in the Galilee hills situated in northern Israel, near the city of Safed. Equipped with state-of-the art equipment to control humidity and light, the ground is patrolled by guards and under security camera and its staff members wear white lab coats.

Among the rows of plants grown, one strain is known to have strong psychoactive effects more than any other cannabis in the world, while another strain has rich anti-inflammatory properties. The risks and benefits of medicinal cannabis have been under serious discussion with regards to its legality.

Apart from the high-tech atmosphere of this most established and largest medicinal marijuana farm in Israel, it also has a spiritual purpose attached to it. Safed is an age old center for Jewish mysticism, and has reference to the traditional concept of healing and repairing the world.

In the United States, medicinal marijuana remains illegal in most parts of the country as per Federal law, except for eighteen states. In Israel, marijuana is still defined as a dangerous and illegal drug as per the law, and there is no regulation to support its medicinal purpose.

Medicinal Marijuana and the Israeli Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Israel, however, issues special licenses that allow people to receive marijuana for medicinal purposes, and many government officials promote the country’s innovation and advancement made in this field. In a recent tour by a government official of the farm, journalists were briefed that Israel is making an effort to brand itself to overcome the conflict zone, and apart from helping the sick, it will explain the presence of this country.

A former filmmaker, Zach Klein, made a documentary onĀ medicinal marijuana, which was aired in 2009, regarding the license being issued to 400 Israelis to receive the substance. At present the number has gone up to 11,000. Mr. Klein was quite attached with the subject, and went on to work in the research and development for Tikkum Olam. He devotedly said, for centuries cannabis has been used as medicine, and now science is giving us supporting reasons.

Researchers in Israel say cannabis provides promising benefits in various health conditions and illnesses, it improves loss of appetite and relieves pain in cancer patients and improves the quality of life in neuropsychological conditions and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ingredients that are found naturally in the plant, helps in recovering from infections, digestive functions, and recovery from heart attack.

The marijuana plant grows up to six feet tall, and the harvest is processed into ready rolled cigarettes and bags of flowers. We also get cannabis laced cookies, cakes, gum, candy, ointments, honey and oil drops. Eran Almog, is a strain with the highest amount of THC, and is really effective in severe pain. Avidekel, which is very low in psychoactive ingredient and is rich in CBD, benefits patients from drugs and enables them to work and drive.

New Capsule to Revolutionize Medicinal Marijuana

Working in coordination with Hebrew University researchers, a capsule version has been developed, by which it will be practical to export the drug, provided it is allowed by law. Professor Mechoulam has urged producers to grow cannabis with more CBD and less THC, something which is of little interest to nonmedical marijuana growers. What Tikkum Olan has done is just a practical development rather than great science.

The research work in Israel is still mushrooming; the real advances are not made in farms, but in labs across the Globe, including Europe and United States. In few years time, researchers here in collaboration with teams all across the Globe may come up with compound mixtures that will refine and replace medicinal marijuana that we know today.