Connecticut Term Life Rates

Not many people know this but Connecticut, along with Rhode Island, never ratified the prohibition (18th amendment). This is because everyone who lived in Connecticut was an alcoholic, including the governor. Agreeing to the prohibition would be like taking the people’s life juice away, not to mention their spirit and morale.

The rates increased drastically. They were drinking more than ever in celebration of their freedom to get sloshed and many were pickling their livers into raisins. Liver failure, alcohol poisoning and drink driving became the three biggest causes of death within a year of the prohibition.

Immigrants from Neighboring States

And things got even worse. More and more people started to come across from neighboring states to get pissed. The people of Connecticut started to panic for they knew there wasn’t enough booze to go round, certainly not with all these new pisshead immigrants, so they began to horde.  

People could no longer get insurance on their houses because break-ins were so frequent, people were looking for liquor. They fought back, to say the least.

Many of the immigrants from the dry states were being shot at point blank range in their houses, so often in fact, that the immigrants all began taking out term life insurance too– it was a gamble.

Insurance Companies went bust

Many people were dying in the streets too. Drinkers were so drunk they could barely walk, and crawled across the streets. Many companies went bust paying out after road deaths.

But there was a further twist in the tale. A clever boffin working as an underwriter in Hartford realized that the companies need not pay out if a law was being broken at the time of death.

He looked through the antiquated laws and noticed a peculiar old law; under no circumstances can anyone in Hartford cross the street on their hands.

Needless to say, that particular Hartford insurer made less payouts than any other in Colorado and now enjoys the title of Colorado’s richest term life insurance company. They now offer the best "Term Life Insurance Rates", and what’s more, their banner life insurance is now the most sought after in America.


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