Life Insurance Paramedical Exam– Essential Facts

No matter how much of an unnecessary burden the paramedical examination may seem to an insurance applicant, the underwriting process requires medical information and will not insure you on a regular policy without it.

The examination usually takes twenty to thirty minutes, consisting of questions related to the medical history of the applicant, measurement of weight and height, pulse and blood pressure.

Undressing may not be required for it but a urine sample is collected. The results of all the tests are strictly confidential to be used in the process of underwriting. Insurance company determines the eligibility and calculates the premium for the applicant on the basis of these results.

The insurance company, itself schedules an appointment with a registered doctor as per the convenience of the applicant. Some people may also choose to take the exam at their office or at home, while others like to visit the office in person.

Paramedical Exam (Blood Testing)

The blood test provides essential information in the underwriting process. A qualified lab technician would take the blood samples. They would take care of your health and safety first. You should inform the concerned officials in case there is something that they need to know.

Insurance companies may ask the applicant not to eat anything before the blood test. It can be anything from a period of four hours to twelve hours depending on the situation

The medical kit used in the process is disposed of, once the blood sample is taken. You need not to think or worry about anything. Insurance companies have some of the best health care professionals working for them.

The paramedical exam is conducted by experts who have been appointed by insurance companies for the same. There is a consent form which you need to sign to give official permission.

Electrocardiogram and the Paramedical Exam

Electrocardiogram is an essential part of the whole process. The person does not feel any pain when undergoing this electrical recording.

The best technique to pass this test is to stay relaxed. Try not to think of anything, as it creates muscle interference. The process is usually completed in less than ten minutes.

Preparing for the Paramedical Exam

There are certain things one needs to take care of before going for the paramedical examination. The applicant is recommended to:

  • Do not eat anything for eight hours before the examination.
  • Bring along a picture ID.
  • Prohibit high-cholesterol food and salt intake at least twenty hours before.
  • Avoid heavy physical work or strenuous exercise twelve hours before.
  • Disclose names and dosage of current medication.
  • Be hydrated: Drink water before an hour of the test.
  • Prohibit nicotine or caffeine use two hours before.
  • Say ‘NO’ to alcoholic beverages at least 12 hours prior to exam.