Life Insurance No Exam- Perfect for Senior Citizens!

Child of a senior and want to get your parent insured? Or you are senior who needs life insurance. Also you want life insurance that excludes medical examination. Well there is a way to accomplish that. You can just apply for a life insurance no exam plan. In most cases it is seen that, when a child wants life insurance for a parent, life insurance no exam is much more probable to be accepted by the parent.

Who needs life insurance no exam policy?

Many people feel that life insurance no exam policy is significant to them. But it is very ideal for those who:

  • Have some health complications that are making it hard and difficult to land on ordinary life coverage.

  • Need to be covered right away.

  • Need or want to avoid the medical lab tests and clinical procedures.

  • Have been denied life coverage on account of their advanced age.

  • Have terminal illnesses and looking to make use of the policy benefit from their death.

  • Do not want or do not have time to completely fill out the extensive questionnaires.

Does life insurance no exam for seniors provide the similar coverage as regular insurance?

Yes most of the time customer gets the same coverage as a regular one. If you apply for a level policy, then the coverage is level from the beginning of the policy. It means if someone applies for $80,000 life insurance no exam and gets approval, his full coverage starts right away. If he dies the next day, the full amount is payable to the recipient.

How long does it take to get an answer for life insurance no exam?

When seniors apply for life insurance no exam, they can get an answer in as fast as the same day. Answers from underwriting usually average three days. Make sure to ask about the process of underwriting if you do need a very fast answer. Some companies that offer life insurance no exam to seniors may still order doctor's medical records. Ask them if they delay the process.

Can anyone having pre-existing health problem get life insurance no exam?

Health conditions do not always prevent a senior from getting life insurance no exam. There are limited numbers of companies thus the senior may have to settle for graded life. As long as the senior are not in a nursing home and can take care of themselves then life insurance no exam should available. People generally misunderstand life insurance no exam means no health questions. That is completely untrue.

The goal should be to maintain life insurance no exam without having to worry about increasing premiums. No exam Term Life Insurance is also a good choice if universal life is too costly at the moment. Keep in mind that although it will price lesser than universal or whole life, the rates will not stay the same for life.

You definitely need to cover you and your family. With life insurance no exam kind of cover, you can escape the never-ending paper work that is typical of most insurance companies. Also you will be able to make out your application in little time and without any inconvenience.