AICPA Term Life Insurance – A Guide

Members below the age of 55 are eligible to apply for AICPA term life insurance that provides coverage for ten to twenty years. Ten year coverage is the maximum that is available to members who are between 56 to 65 years of age.

Eligible members can also apply for coverage for their spouse. You must be a resident of the United States. Certain qualifying organizations and members of State Society of CPAs are also eligible for this coverage.

The CPAs understand the importance of financial security better than most other professions. Subsequently many CPAs count on the protection provided by the AICPA term life insurance program to secure their families. The association is pleased to offer its members and State Societies the opportunity to enroll in this comprehensive coverage.

Coverage Amounts up to $2.5 million

The amount of coverage  you can get depends on the type of membership you have with the AICPA . Members in good standing in both the State and the National organizations who are less than 55 years of age are eligible for coverage of up to $2.5 million.

Individuals, who are members of the AICPA alone, can enroll in coverage of up to $2 million. The $500,000 extra coverage is dependent on being a member of a State CPA organization. Optional benefits such a dismemberment and accidental death insurance  are available up to the amounts of the base policy.

Return of Premiums from Prudential Life Insurance

Participants of CPA Life are eligible for cash dividends from the excess money in the Life Insurance Trust. This Trust is administered by Prudential Life Insurance Company of Newark, NJ. Although not guaranteed, these dividends have been disbursed yearly since 1957.

Frequently Asked Questions about AICPA Term Life Insurance

How do I become an AICPA member?

Membership costs $395 per year and you must be a Certified Public Accountant.

What happens to my life insurance coverage if I am no longer a AICPA member?

Your would no longer be eligible for the coverage.

Are AICPA term life insurance policies Guaranteed Renewable?

No. The entirety of the group can be dropped by the underlying insurance carrier as with any group policy.

How are Cash Dividends (rebates) Calculated?

Premiums collected are put into a trust administered by the Prudential Life Insurance Company. The insurer is paid an administrative fee and unspent money is rebated to policy holders on a yearly basis. This rebate has occurred every year since 1957.

Which Type of Life Policies are Available?

Term life insurance and whole life for individuals, and group term and whole policies for firms.

Should I check the market before making a purchase?

Yes. Please contact Blake Baron, Senior Agent at, at 800-267-8008 for a detailed comparison between traditional term and whole life insurance versus AICPA term life and whole life policiesMr Baron is a licensed insurance agent and is considered an expert in analyzing the various group plans available in the marketplace.

What is the direct contact number to purchase AICPA Life Insurance?


About the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts

Founded in 1887, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the largest association in the world representing accountants, with approximately 390,000 members spread across 129 countries. Its members represent various fields of practice such as public practice, business and industry, education, government, and consulting.

The professional ethical standards are set up by this association along with auditing standards in America for local, state and federal governments, non-profit organizations, and private companies. It designs and analyzes the CPA uniform examination and provides specialty credentials for CPAs who wish to specialize in fields such as forensic, personal financial planning, information technology, and business valuation.

In coordination with the CIMA –the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, a global association has been established to guide accounting at a global level. The association also runs various insurance programs that provide coverage to its members. Personal insurance includes homeowner, auto and life plans (both term and whole life).

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