5 Ways to Get Low Term Life Insurance Quotes

One of the most common excuses people give for not buying term life insurance is that it  is too costly. As per a recent Gallup survey, almost 2/3 of people with life insurance cover paid less than $100 per month. Almost half paid less than $50 in a month. With such low term life insurance rates, this type of protection for your family is within reach for most of us.There are definite and specific ways to get low term life insurance quotes.

1.    Overcome Your Hesitations

Many people believe that disease or illness is for someone else. We should realize that as you grow older, you health is bound to decline. Not purchasing coverage at the right time can drastically affect the price that you end up paying when you decide that you need the cover.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to do one arm push-ups at the age of 70 like Jack Palance. We have however, all known relatively young, completely healthy men who have suddenly dropped dead. For those lucky enough to survive heart attacks, stroke, etc a life insurance policy is not impossible to purchase, but the policy is going to cost a lot more.

2.    Check Your Eating Habits

If your regular diet includes hot dogs, Cheetos and Ben and Jerry’s there is a likelihood that you will pay the price in life insurance premiums. Eating junk food will have an adverse effect on your health and it will also pushes up your insurance premium, as these foods increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.

This is also the case with smoking and the heavy consumption of  alcohol. If you are looking for an affordable term life quote, you really should cut these items from your diet. A young, perfectly healthy male applied for insurance coverage and expected the best rate. After a medical exam, the insurer discovered the applicant was a consumer of chewing tobacco The rates increased by 110%.

3.    Easy On The Accelerator

One of my close friends was a car racing aficionado. Not the kind that sat in the stands and watched, but the type that got on track and raced  cars himself. This weekend hobby became infectious. My friend got several speeding tickets in five years which not only increased his auto insurance premiums, but also dramatically increased his term life insurance quotes.

Be a responsible driver. You may unintentionally reduce your insurance premium rates as well. If you are unable to control your adrenaline , just realize that your life insurance premiums will increase. If you are earning money like NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson then all is well. Otherwise, expect to pay more.

4.    Don’t Forget Your Family

Insurance companies will consider your family history during the underwriting process. A seemingly fit person whose parents died before the age of 70 will be at an increased risk for hereditary diseases. It is not unusual to for a son to inherit heart disease from his father or a daughter to inherit breast cancer from her mother.

These negative genetics will usually result in higher premiums. This is certainly a a matter that is not under your control. On the flip side, if you eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and lead a conservative lifestyle then your premiums will certainly reflect this.

5.    Realize That The Truth Will Be Revealed

Just last week, a 55 year old male applicant was turned down by his insurance company. The applicant did not disclose easily discoverable information on his health application. During the underwriting process this was discovered, and the applicant was ultimately declined.

It is important to state the truth. You will find insurers that are willing to work with you even if you have limited medical issues, but not if you lie during the underwriting process. It is best to disclose everything honestly. The truth is going to be discovered on your records. The insurance company will ultimately find the the truth and will deny your application.

Last, but not least. It is so important to work with an independent insurance agent who is on your side. Getting the lowest term life insurance quotes may is most likely a matter of dealing with the proper professionals.