Life Insurance No Physical Exam

The American Association of Retired Persons does not provide insurance coverage. It is a non-profit organization comprised of retired persons. So why are we talking about AARP? There are unique insurance requirements for retirees. Often they were employed in a hazardous work environment where insurance coverage was provided by their employer. These people search for an affordable option in term life insurance no physical exam. Even though the association does not sell or market insurance plans, it provides a lot of information about various options available in the insurance market.

Company Overview

Retirees who are looking for insurance can find wide range of options to choose from at discounted prices through AARP. All these products are available through top rated companies who have sound credibility and long standing. People who are above the age of 50 and are looking for term life insurance no physical exam should spend some time in AARP.

AARP is dedicated to improving the lives of people who have reached the age of fifty. The organization was established in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired principal of a high school. He established this organization with the aim of providing affordable term life insurance no physical exam for retired teachers.

AARP is coordinating throughout the globe to promote the quality of life and well being for senior citizens. The organization is one the most powerful and largest lobbying groups for retired people in the United States. It benefits senior citizens by providing prescription drugs, consumer goods and insurance services at discounted rates. There are at present nearly forty million members throughout the country.

Advantages of AARP

  • American citizens at or over the age of 50 can enroll in multiple lines of insurance, all at one place.
  • Insurance coverage is provided only through highly rated and financially stable companies, only those companies are considered who have top ratings.
  • Members enjoy discounts on multiple policy lines.
  • Other benefits available to members of AARP are travel discounts and visa credit cards from AARP.
  • Membership fees are low at sixteen dollars a year with free membership for your partner or spouse.

Disadvantages of AARP

  • Some members do not welcome the numerous marketing fliers that are sent by email and mail to members.
  • Members may have some disagreements on the political position of the organization on various issues such as health care reform or Medicare.
  • If you are in good health, AARP may not be able to provide the cheapest health or term life insurance no physical exam options. It is quite likely that you can find better rates outside the organization.

Insurance Products from AARP

  • Auto Insurance – AARP members are provided auto insurance by Hartford. Some of the plus points of this insurance are accident forgiveness, a locked in rate for a full year, and options for new car replacement. Discounts are available to good drivers along with the option of lifetime renewability.
  • Homeowners’ Insurance – Hartford is also providing home insurance. Customers have the option to customize plans to their requirements and can also take the option of a 100% replacement value for home and contents. For qualifying losses deductibles are also forgiven.
  • Health Insurance – AARP members can enroll in health insurance provided by Aetna. A member can choose from various options available in health insurance. The options are available in dental and vision insurance, long term care plans, hospital indemnity coverage, as well as coverage for in home care services.
  • Life insurance –  the term life insurance no physical exam available to AARP members are provided by the New York Life Insurance Company. Some good options available to members are term life insurance with extra protection, guaranteed acceptance life coverage, and permanent life coverage. And as mentioned earlier, term life insurance no physical exam is also available.
  • Other insurance Products – AARP member can purchase insurance for recreational vehicles, boats, and motorcycles. Members who are from the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico can purchase casualty and property insurance provided by the Real Legacy Assurance Company.

To get the benefits provided by AARP, one has to be a member of AARP. One can become a member by completing the application that is available online on the AARP website.