Lose Weight and Pay Less for Term Life Insurance at 71

Some people lose weight in order to look and feel better while some others make this decision due to health issues. Many people are unable to associate term life insurance at 71 with obesity and weight. Insurance companies find it an attractive prospect to sell insurance to those who follow healthy lifestyle habits. The risk factor is comparatively low. It may also be with people who have clean driving record and never had alcohol.

These people might not have thought that their excess weight can be the reason for paying more. Overweight or obese people can easily get lower quotes provided that they reduce their weight.

Effect of weight on Term life insurance quotes

The insurance quotes are determined from various parameters and weight is one of them. The negative impact of weight was never given much importance but it is now. Several diseases like stroke and heart attack have been linked to excess weight. Unfortunately, America is considered to be one of the most obese nations in the world.

More than 120 million Americans have surpassed the prescribed standard for height-weight ratio. This means these people are considered as high risk prospects and ultimately result in higher premiums to enroll in term life coverage at 71. Insurance companies expect their clients to lead a healthy life; being enrolled in an insurance policy does not make a person immune to any policy.

It is very easy to clear a medical examination even if a person is a heavy smoker or drinker but there is no way to hide in case the person is overweight. So the insurance companies attach a considerable importance to it. This does not mean that one needs to stick skinny to get enrolled; it only means that the person should be within the prescribed Body Mass Index limits.

Losing weight and lowering insurance premiums

It is almost impossible to imagine the wonders that losing weight can have on your monthly premium. A person has the option of undergoing another medical exam after the initial mandatory medical examination. But before you request for another medical exam, you should be sure that you are well within the prescribed body mass index.

In case the company the company finds that your BMI ratio has increased then it will increase the premium. Another way is to look for companies that do not ask for medical examination but in that case the premium will be a little bit higher. Our website has a pool of reputed insurance companies to offer you best term life insurance at 71.