No medical exam term life insurance- A memorable gift to your family

Millions of people (young, middle or old aged) are searching for term life insurance in one form or another and for varied reasons. The reason behind term life insurance and especially no medical exam term life (insurance) is to bestow upon the beneficiary the financial protection (as a gesture of love) from the insured person to his/her family, loved ones or friends (in the event of policy holder’s death).

No medical exam term life insurance is the right choice if you suffer lack of time to undergo a medical exam or do not wish to take medical examination before purchasing your policy.

Many reputed life insurance companies are offering this kind insurance these days. Although, in some, premiums can differ owing to the amount of risk, still if a wise individual is determined enough make a good search, he/she will surely find the best insurance policy.

One can comfortably move online to ask for no medical exam term life insurance quotes. These usually require information about some health concerned questions. The online quotes that you get from various insurance companies are free of cost, instant and give you a platform for good comparison.

No individual is under compulsion to accept the quotes. Moreover, not many insurance agents will correspond to you to convince about any of the no medical exam term life insurance, unless you ask for.

The health information or the answers you list online to the insurance providers are monitored to decide your cost of buying the policy of your choice. These kinds of insurance plans are a bit costlier than normal/standard insurance plans. Moreover, the premiums differ from one individual to other, as they majorly depend upon individual’s gender, age, height, tobacco usage (if any), weight and also if the person suffers from any pre-existing condition.

If you buy the same policy at younger age, it can prove to be very cheap. An extra advantage (cheap premiums) is experienced by women as compared to men because of the biological statistics that lays down the fact that old age persons usually suffer more from health conditions and women generally lead a longer life than men. A prospective no medical exam term life insurance policy holder’s weight and height are considered to diagnose obesity that can lead to future medical disorders.

The term length offered ranges from 10 to 30 years. Many insurance firms will not be providing you a policy of this type if you are above the age of 65 years. It implies that if you are presently 40 years of age and you buy no medical exam term life insurance policy, you cannot have the term length for the policy that exceeds 20 years.

The rates are also affected if you are a regular smoker. Without examining the smoking habit of the individual, it is unable for the insurance firm to determine whether the person suffers from a medical condition or not because of using tobacco products. The smokers usually have to pay higher rates as compared to non-smokers.

The premiums are decided on the basis of the statistical study, that the insurance providers gather to gain the knowledge of the risks involved with the prospective client. The insurance providers screen the health information given by you to analyze your life span.

If your health gives insurance providers a clue of shorter life span, then the premiums you would pay will be higher. The premiums are less if the insurance firm thinks that you are going to live life that crosses the term period of the policy.

No medical exam policy is a hassle-free term life insurance that benefits your family and loved ones. Show them you care.