Vermont Term Life Insurance exam

Vermont is famous for many things but nothing can beat Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It’s the icing on the cake for this state and one of its most popular tourist attractions.

The story goes that Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield met in 7th grade and decided to take a correspondence course (that cost $5) about ice-cream making. After that, they rebuilt an old gas station which served as their first store. In a major step, they sold stock to Vermonters to cover the cost of their factory. Subsequently, one in every 100 families in the state owned shares, making the ice cream factory a popular vacation stop.

Why should you buy Term life insurance?

Vermont ranks at number 49 for population in the United States. The life expectancy ratio is 77.9 years. The death rate per 100,000 Vermont citizens is:


No. of deaths/ per year (approx.)

55- 64 years


65-74 years


75-84 years


What to do before your Vermont Term life insurance exam?

The results of your exam can be crucial in deciding the affordabililty of your insurance policy. A lot will depend on your health statistics. So follow this advice religiously before you take the exam.

  • Avoid stress: Stress can lead to high blood pressure and pulse readings. So, simply avoid it.
  • Rest: Get your 8 hours of sleep a night prior to your paramedical exam.
  • Caffeine: Drinking coffee or consuming caffeine in any way can lead to high blood pressure, so again avoid caffeine 24 hours before the paramedical exam.
  • Alcohol: Do not drink at least 24 hours before the exam. It can inflate readings and affect your term life insurance quotes.
  • Tobacco: Refrain from using tobacco. It can have a very negative impact on your term life quote.
  • Salt: Limit your intake of salt and high cholesterol foods. Do not eat eggs, macaroni and cheese, ice cream, etc.
  • Take your exam at home: It would be best to take the exam at your home so you have more control over the results.

Other attractions

The state is also known for maple trees and syrup. A major IBM computer and software facility, Green Mountain Coffee and the Morgan horse are other attractions. Fletcher Allen Healthcare is Vermont's largest employer. Montpelier is the capital city, which is the least populated state capital, having a population of just 7,865.