California Term Life Insurance

Insurance spells safety, be it a California term or whole life insurance. We agree no one knows better than you what type of coverage you need. However, at the same time, with the Californian insurance market growing like never before, it may sometimes get tough for you to figure out what will work for you and what not. No matter whether you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland, these plans can be a bit daunting. That’s what we are here for, to help you find the best.

Why go for Term life coverage?

Though a lot depends on your societal position and priorities, term life plans are considered much better than whole life as it provides you coverage for a “term” or period of your life. Apart from this, you pay a low premium for getting high coverage. Usually, when people opt for plans, they have long term net worth benefit in mind. You can protect the interests of your family by investing in a life insurance plan. This is one of the best assets to build given the fact that it provides unparalleled amount of security to the family members.

California's health insurance rates outpacing rest of the nation

What’s on priority, food or insurance? With the Los Angeles Times in its edition of February 27, 2012, reporting that the largest health insurers are raising their average rates by approximately eight to 14 per cent for hundreds of thousands of customers who have individual coverage, the choice now seems between food and life coverage only. It's an unfortunate decision to make. Cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Oakland are also seeing higher rates. Trust us with the best quotes when the prices are touching the roof.

Things to know about California Term life insurance

California Term Life

The State Insurance Code of California regulates the industry. Under this, if you are buying a policy, it offers you some layers of protection. These are offered in the form of:

Grace Period: This period usually stretches to minimum 30 days. By offering you this grace period, the company is allowing you to pay your premium late by 30 days. They will not cancel your life coverage immediately.

Free Look: Under “free look” clause, you are free to cancel your policy even after you have agreed to buy it on paper. The free look time period is usually of 10 days and does not invite a penalty.

Interesting facts about Term life coverage

People who have employer-based coverage are more than 16 million.

People who have coverage through Medi-Cal are over 7 million.

People without health coverage are nearby 8.5 million.

As per a study, California witnessed more than 333,000 adult hospitalizations. This could have been averted if these people had seen a doctor. Unfortunately, it cost the state’s health system somewhere close to $3.4 billion annually.

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