How to succeed as an agent?

A Life Insurance Agent Needs to Be . . .

In order to be a successful life insurance agent, you need to be dedicated and disciplined, and willing to go out of your way to show your clients that they mean something to you above and beyond a pay check. 

You need to attend classes; cold call leads, and has one on one meeting with potential and current clients in an effort to provide them with as comprehensive an insurance plan that is possible. 

As an insurance agent, you will be competing with thousands of other trying to sell insurance products to customers and getting the sale before you do it.  This is a sales job, plain and simple, and the better you are at your job, the more sales you will make. 

But you have to present yourself the right way: as an agent who truly cares for his or her customers.  If your potential customer even gets a whiff of you being in it for the money only, they are going to leave you high and dry.

Unfortunately life insurance is something many people push off purchasing until it is too late, leaving their loved ones have to pick up the pieces.  Many people are very uncomfortable talking about death and as an insurance agent you have to ease your customer into the conversation in order to show them what a life insurance policy has to offer them. 

Because there are so many different products on the market today, you as a life insurance agent will have to keep up with all of the changing information and get over your own fear of talking to people about the planning advice and practical information you have to give them.

How to gain trust of your audience?

To gain your client’s trust you can start by calling the customer and scheduling an appointment with them so you can get to know them and their needs.  You can talk to them on the phone or face to face.  Always make the time of the meeting convenient for both of you and by doing this you are not only alleviating your own trepidation, but there’s as well.

You need to speak calmly and confidently with you customer, whether a man or a woman, so that they are set at ease by your easy mannerisms and knowledge of the subject.  Your customer will be making a decision about whether or not they like you within the first few minutes of conversation.

There is a need to probe to get more information. The idea is to develop a sense of comfort and ease while talking about insurance. It is all about winning the trust and love of people. And if you don’t the answer to the question, tell your customer that and let them know that you will get back in touch with them when you get the answer you both need.

Make sure that as a qualified agent you know the product that you are selling and can explain it your customers in plain English so they know what you are talking about.  Know the basic ins and outs of the policies you sell and at least some of the benefits that come with them.  This is your time to shine and really show your customers that you are a very professional insurance agent and really do have their best interest at heart.

Follow-up calls

Don’t forget the many follow up calls that you as a life insurance agent you have follow up calls and not just follow new leads to get to know your clients in an effort to put them at ease when they have additional questions or concerns about the insurance policy they just purchased.  Let them know that you and are company are available if they need other things or have later concerns and leave them with your phone number so they can call you when they have questions to ask.