Illinois Term Life Insurance

Illinois, one of the most expensive states in the US, is also a prominent place in the country as three of US presidents have it as their political base: Lincoln, Grant and Obama. For every 100,000 people here, more than 980 between 50 and 65 years pass away every year. In the age group of 65 to 75 years, that number more than doubles.

Chicago, one of its important cities, is the largest city in the US and 5th most populous one. Chicago is also the birth place of many prominent personalities in the country. Walt Disney was born in Chicago, Bob Newhart, the actor and comedian, was also born in Chicago. Gloria Swanson, the famous actress, was born in Chicago as Gloria May Josephine Svennson. She is known to have seduced many lovers, including Joseph P. Kennedy, father of former President John F. Kennedy.

Illinois Term life insurance for seniors

Insurance Illinois Term Life

Miles Jeffries, who has been staying in Chicago, Illinois, for more than 60 years now, led a happy life there. However, of late, realization has dawned upon him that he didn’t utilize the time in his youthful days in managing his finances well, especially insurance. He is regretting not getting term life coverage while young as now his old age and poor health is driving up the cost of his insurance.

However, even now all is not lost for Miles. He has many options because even though age is a factor while applying for life coverage, some companies have special products for senior citizens.

Why Illinois Term life coverage?

Simply because it is very unlikely that Jeffries will be provided with permanent life coverage as he is above 65 years of age. However, the doors are still open for him.

Many companies may consider him till the age of 70 or beyond. While senior people such as Jeffries have no chances of getting life coverage at a later age, premiums for them get significantly higher as they grow older. So it is always recommended to buy it as early as you can.

Life Settlement benefits

Life settlement in Illinois is a great option for getting lump sum money by selling your life coverage plan. If you are a senior person staying, you can choose life settlement if you want to have an affordable life insurance policy. Make sure that for a life settlement transaction you must have the requisite licenses.

Why seniors choose life settlement?

  • There is no high premium to be paid
  • It provides you a fresh investment opportunity
  • Is better in case of medical expenses and long-term care
  • Can help you pay off your debt or help any family member
  • You don’t need the coverage any more