Apply for Life Insurance

What to do after you get an online quote

So, you've received a quote online, spoken to an agent or two, and you're now ready to buy a life insurance policy.

If a medical exam is necessary

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind as well as a few things you should expect if you are applying for the kind of life policy which requires a medical exam:

1. Choose from one of our top rated carriers- rated 'A' or higher by AM Best.

2. Complete application-we can complete it over the phone with you or mail it to you and you can complete it at your convenience.

3. Complete brief exam at no cost to you-a nurse can come to your home or office- exam usually consists of a few medical questions, blood draw, and urine sample. It usually takes about 20 minutes -we have several carriers that are not on this website that require no exam (rates are higher, but approval is fast).

If nothing else comes of your decision to get life insurance, at least you will get a free blood pressure, cholesterol, and HDL ratio screening done.

4. We then send your application and exam results to the insurance company. It usually takes about 4-8 weeks for the company to make an offer.

5. We will then mail the policy to you. You have around 20 days to decide if you want to keep the policy. If you're totally satisfied, you would then pay your initial premium.

6. You become one of our many satisfied and happy clients! This is just the beginning, not the end! Life Insurance is now affordable!

Because term life has become so affordable, anyone with making an average income with a family should have at least $250,000 worth of coverage on at least one income earner, and preferably on both.

And some types of policy are "no exam" whereby you don't have to take the paramedical test.

A pleasant surprise

If you haven't already run a quote, you will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is. If you need additional reasons, consider the following:

A life plan provides financial assistance to the family members at a time when they need it the most.

You should buy life insurance keeping all the benefits it has to offer. There is no need to buy it out of the fear of death and other related negative aspects. You would only end-up making a bad decision.

Life insurance is not going to eat your life-savings, if there was any confusion about it. It would rather bring financial stability and assurance aspect into your lives.

The premium amount is an investment made to tackle the unpleasant or unexpected situations in life. This is the best investment you can ever make considering the well-being of your family members. You should secure the future life of your loved ones right now.