Marijuana and Life Insurance Policies

Can marijuana users purchase life insurance? Most of the insurance companies have evolved and provide financial and medical assistance for marijuana and life insurance users. This comes at the cost of having to be absolutely open and honest about your medical history.

Even though marijuana is an illegal drug, there are plenty of treatment centers which have offered this particular drug as an antidote for several kinds of diseases. These can be related to mental illnesses, malignant brain tumors etc. Marijuana is considered to be healthy for you provided you are eligible to take it in quantities which are acceptable by insurance companies.

The basic strategy allows the user to continue using marijuana. The recipient will still be categorized under ‘smoker status’ which can change your life insurance plan accordingly. This depends upon the length of usage as well as the quantity of marijuana present within the recipient’s blood. You need an authenticated medical condition and a certificate of proof that you require treatment using marijuana and life insurance. No insurance company can deny coverage in such a case.

Chemicals and naturally synthesized products are termed as medications only if their quantity is limited. A particular substance will be termed a drug if consumption increases beyond the required levels. Marijuana is technically not a drug but can be categorized as one since it contains compounds which can become addictive.

Marijuana and Life Insurance “Smoker Status”

When you’re purchasing insurance policies it is necessary to keep a check of all the insurance companies which you come across. This will stop you being charged as a drug addict saving you from being taken to prison or rehab. Your usage of marijuana should be low, especially once you’ve opted for a life insurance policy. If you have traces of THC present in your blood, an insurance company can place you under “smoker” status. It depends on the quantity.

Insurance companies calculate how much marijuana you have consumed and  how long you have been consuming it. If you’re honest about your marijuana use and medical history, insurance companies won’t hesitate to offer assistance at providing the best life insurance program for you. You should consider opting for life insurance agents who have had experience managing similar cases. Only they can provide the ideal life insurance policy rates for your benefits without an excessive waste of money.

Due the fact that marijuana has been banned in plenty of states, the chances are that the applicant will not obtain his/her insurance policy. Lying will only put the recipient’s chances of obtaining the insurance policy at even more at risk. It can  stop other agencies from issuing a policy to you. Marijuana and life insurance policies can suffer from hitches if the insurance investigation group traces your involvement with pot and can decline death benefits upon your death.