September 2001 Attacks & New York Term Life Insurance

The moment one thinks about New York, often the first thing that comes to mind is the September 11, 2001, attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The magnitude of the tragedy was huge. The pictures of the planes crashing into the towers were so deeply etched in the minds and memory of everyone across the globe. After all, it was one of the rarest instances of any tragedy being captured live on camera.

In the subsequent years, over a decade later, a lot has changed in New York and its people. For one, life has become a lot more precious, and insurance is vital for people living there.

Buy Life insurance to safeguard your interests

Peter Goldstein was among one of the many people who were working in the Park Avenue office, second floor, on that fateful day. He was fortunate to have survived the tragedy but not before seeing many of his friends and colleagues die in front of him.

He saw their families and loved ones suffering further as most of them had no insurance in place. That’s when he realized what a blunder he had committed by not taking it in the first place. He saw there were some who took policies and benefited from them and so he decided to take out his own policy.

How does Term life insurance work?

Like Goldstein, if you are still among those who don’t have life coverage, get one. It will safeguard you for a period of time that you choose for yourself.

Life insurance will cover your expenses for that period, and will provide a protective cover to your family in case of your death or any unexpected happening. It does not include any financial investment value and charges a small amount in premium rates. That is why it is also called “pure” insurance.

Each insurance company is different while the benefits remain the same, which are to provide a payout if you die during that period.

Getting Term life coverage is tougher than getting a job

Getting a New York term life insurance is tough, more difficult than finding a job. The cost of medical coverage is very high. People spend large amounts of money in case of accidents and emergencies due to the lack of policies.

Doctors are not comfortable touching any patient who does not have medical coverage. More than one million people in the city, which includes 15% of the adult population and 700,000 employed people, do not have insurance.