Georgia Banner Life Insurance

Ever wondered why Georgia has this kind of life insurance? There is a long story behind it involving legendary American soul singer and piano player Ray Chortles. In the 1960’s, at the height of his career, Ray Chortles got involved with human rights. During his early career on the road he saw a lot of racial prejudice against the English skinheads and was determined to make a stand.

Ray’s biggest protest was to refuse to play in segregated clubs. He didn’t think it was fair to deny the English skinheads the chance to hear him play (and bottle him) by only playing in black clubs.

When the black King of Georgia heard about this, he was outraged and banned Ray from Georgia for life. Ray didn’t really mind, he’d never been to Russia and always thought it looked a bit cold. The rest of the world didn’t take too well to this ban and soon there was an uprising. The world consensus seemed to be that there was no place for banners.

So the black King of Georgia was now in fear of his life. He took out banner life insurance, a special kind of insurance that protects Kings from angry mobs after they’ve been banning willy-nilly. The King felt safe now for he had paid for the best product available in the market. Every time someone attempted to attack him, he would turn invisible and grow wings to escape the crowds.

The King felt so happy he didn’t care that the premium amount was $50,000 a minute – it was worth it! Now he no longer feared angry mobs and continued to ban people from Georgia at will. He gave a life ban to Mick Jogger because he didn’t like his stupid prancing and Barry White received notice of a life ban for being too fat.

The black King of Georgia was the most fascist banner around, but with banner life coverage like his, who could overthrow him? Georgia has had banner life insurance ever since, and successive Kings have all utilized it. In fact, some argue if it is really needed nowadays for so many people have been banned from Georgia that there is only the King left!