Massachusetts term life insurance: a must for a happy family

Richard Knight is a young man staying in the capital city of Massachusetts, Boston. He worries quite often about his family, which includes his wife, Samantha, two kids, Kate and Jim, and his older parents.

He is an ambitious young man, who like many others, took early and fast steps towards building a good life. He has a well paying job now and recently bought his own home in Boston by taking a loan.

With all these good things in his life, he at times shudders to think what will happen to his family if something should happen to him. So, he considered buying a life insurance plan, Massachusetts term life insurance in particular, for the following reasons:

Income replacement

Knight has family members who are totally dependent on him for managing the finances of their daily living. With a Massachusetts term life insurance plan, he has assured them of an income flow in case something happens to him. With his Massachusetts term life insurance, at least his family will be able to keep up with their food, clothing, utilities, education and transportation needs.

Mortgages and other debts

The Massachusetts term life insurance will help Knight in case he carries a mortgage or other significant debts. Passing the debt on to his family would be the last thing Knight would want to do. So buying Massachusetts term life insurance is the perfect solution for him to keep his family going.

Education expenses

Education is not cheap these days. In today’s fast and information driven world, school and college education is extremely important. For Knight, his term life insurance Massachusetts will help his kids, Kate and Jim, complete their education in the event of any unfortunate incident.

Home care

Samantha is a “stay at home” parent, which means she does not contribute to the family income. In families like Knight’s where one spouse has proper term life insurance Massachusetts and the other one has little or no coverage, it is important that the other one also gets some insurance security. Knight should get some coverage for his wife as well. It will help his family fight the cost of child care, housekeeping and other household help.

Fun Facts

  • Boston is the state's capital and largest city.
  • Massachusetts has several nicknames. The state is known as the "Bay State", "Pilgrim State" and the "Puritan State".
  • Massachusetts is the place of birth of four US Presidents, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, and George H.W. Bush.