How Asthma Affects North Dakota Term Life Insurance?

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US President, was known for his range of interests and achievements. He travelled to North Dakota after the death of his mother and wife. He was an explorer, a hunter, an author, a naturalist, and a soldier before he became President. North Dakota had a special place in his heart and he said he was what he was because of his time spent in this state.

Roosevelt and Asthma

Roosevelt was born to an affluent family, but was a sickly child and nicknamed “Teedie" by his family. He suffered from toothaches, abdominal pain, headaches and asthma and stayed at home rather than going to school. Doctors didn't understand the disease aptly at the time and he was told to go on vacation to the coast, smoke cigars, and drink coffee and whiskey. He tried all these remedies, but his condition remained the same. Later, to make up for his physical weakness, he worked hard on his body and led a very active life.

How insurance companies evaluate asthma

If a person is suffering from asthma and has applied for term life insurance, the insurance companies will carefully scrutinize their medical records to find out how severe their condition is. They will look carefully at the history of the medical condition, the significance of the attacks and what kind of treatment is being given. They may also recommend diagnostic tests to ascertain the severity of the disease. Insurance companies usually categorize it into four classes:

  • Seasonal Asthma– It means the attack occurs only a few times in a year, especially during the change of seasons.
  • Mild Asthma- The condition requires no hospitalization and sees infrequent attacks. It can be treated easily with inhalers or medications.
  • Moderate Asthma– This class has more frequent attacks and may require going to a hospital. The condition may also call for medication.
  • Severe Asthma– This stage includes frequent disabling attacks. It may call for regular hospital visits.

Every insurance company has its own set of rules to assess the severity of disease. They might ask you questions about your medical history, whether or not you are a smoker, etc.

Factors that affect rates

There are many factors that can affect term life insurance rates. How frequently a person needs hospitalizations, how often they get asthmatic attacks and at what age the asthma was diagnosed are some of the parameters that will affect life insurance rates. The rates increase if your condition is at an advanced stage.