Wyoming Life Insurance

Those who live in Wyoming don’t expect too much in life. It is renowned as being the most boring of all states, even down to its almost perfectly square shape; the most featureless and least recognizable of all state boundaries. The capital city, Cheyenne, is a hotbed of inactivity and boredom, with the young folk mostly congregating at the Cattle Auction on a Saturday night for lack of anything else better to do.

Cheyenne is renowned for being a famous transport hub and trading post, but its glory days are well behind it and it lacks the intrigue and glamour that it used to possess as one of the westernmost outposts of the great frontier.

It therefore shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that Wyoming is the state whose residents have the most life insurance per capita than any other. In Wyoming, health insurance is big business. It is the main subject discussed from the cafés of downtown Cheyenne, to the Wind River Indian Reservation in the central west.

Life insurance could be seen such a big business opportunity due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains. A Wyomingite is exposed to average temperatures of less than five degrees for six months of the year. This climate is said to contribute to the ‘Wyoming Flu’, a common condition that affects most citizens during the cold winter months.

It is said that the Rocky Mountain morning birdsong is drowned out by the sound of men and women clearing their throats with deep, hacking exclamations and the overtures of rattling phlegm. It is no wonder that the mountain folk insist on paying their life insurance premiums in time, for the fear of losing out on their comprehensive cover.

In mid April, the snow caps of the mountains start to recede and green pasture returns to the Yellowstone National Park in the north. Grazing creatures awake from their deep hibernation slumber and general health is restored. The need for life insurance is considerably less, but of course the residents insist on keeping on top of their monthly premiums. Lyme’s disease is prevalent in the summer months and you cannot be too careful.