Why You Need Life Insurance in Florida

Florida, meaning ‘Feast of Flowers’ in Spanish, is a beautiful state spanning an area of 58,000 square miles. It is approximately the size of England and Wales. The 'Sunshine State' is the only US state that has two rivers with the same name, Withlacoochee, one in the north central Florida (Madison County) and another in central Florida. Cities such as Orlando attract more tourists as compared to other amusement parks in the US. Its Haines City is called ‘The Heart of Florida’.

High stress levels

Some states are more stressful than others; Florida is among the top 10. It has a crime rate of more than 3%. The state sees around 8-9 deaths and more than 25 injuries a year from lightning.

Floridians are not well known for their health awareness

People in the state are not generally health conscious. More than half of the population is overweight. Roughly 10 per cent are suffering from diabetes, 10 per cent have asthma and more than 15 per cent are disabled.

Each year, for every 100,000 people, 43 die of stroke while 20 lose their battle to Alzheimer's.

These stats show how important it is for people in this state to get a decent plan. Decide on one today and request a quote from us.


Term life is the least expensiveCalifornia Term Life

Term life insurance is one of the popular and least expensive kinds of life plan. The younger you are, lesser is the cost. When you are buying life insurance, remember it will have no residual value. It will be over when your term ends and will have no cash value. Capital city Tallahassee and others like Miami and Tampa have the same average value for term life policies.


What are life-insurance specific laws

Laws in Florida allow insurance companies to not give you the coverage. If you are eligible for HIPAA, you are guaranteed an individual policy. Pre-existing conditions are not included but only for two years max.

No law or regulation limits the cost of premiums of Florida term life insurance however they do not allow the company to cancel your policy in case of your sickness.

Interesting facts about Florida Term life coverage

Florida has over 1,297 miles of coastline with more than 790 miles of beaches.

There are around 30,000 lakes and over 1000 golf courses.

The state has many interesting names of places. For instance, Boca Ciega, which means, 'blind mouth'. Another place Boca Raton means 'mouth of a rat'. Loxahatchee, the community of Palm Beach County means 'a river of turtles'.

It is home to the largest poisonous snake in the country, the eastern diamondback rattler.