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South Dakota is world famous for Black Hills Gold. The hills covered with pine, when seen from a distance, rise to several thousand feet above the prairie and look black, hence, the name.

Home of Mount Rushmore, The Black Hills is a popular place. Counted among the world's largest sculptures, Mount Rushmore has carvings of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Theodore Roosevelt in the granite face of the mountain. This gives it another name "Mount Rushmore State."

Before these presidential faces were carved on the stone, the place was known as Mountain of Rock. The youngest sister in the "Little House on the Prairie" series, Carrie Ingalls, lived in South Dakota during her adult life.

Twin States

North Dakota and South Dakota are referred to as the "twin states" though it’s not known which state was admitted to the Union first. The twin states are, however, different in many ways even though they have similar sizes, climates and shapes.

Who Needs South Dakota Term life insurance?

Though insurance is a must for everybody, as a thumb rule, if you have a dependant, you need to buy term life insurance. The policy should last till the youngest child in the family completes college.

If you have a large amount of mortgage or credit-card bills, you can buy life coverage to pay off that debt, as it is tax-free. Many financial advisors resort to paying for the estate taxes generated upon the death of a loved one by using their client's insurance policies.

South Dakota Term life insurance costs less

One of the main advantages is that it is affordable than whole life insurance cover. The plan provides you with coverage for a specific term that you can choose for yourself depending on your needs. Some factors such as health, family history, lifestyle and age are taken into consideration when applying for it.

Fact file
  • The capital city is Pierre.
  • The largest city is Sioux Falls.
  • Nicknames include The MoState (official) and The Sunshine State.
  • The motto is “Under God the people rule”.
  • The state insect is the honey bee.

Did you know?
  • Pierre is the only state capital that doesn't have any common letters with its state.
  • Famous residents include Theodore Roosevelt, newscaster Tom Brokaw, Sitting Bull, Calamity Jane and Crazy Horse.