Prescription Drug Abuse & Tennessee Term Life Insurance

Elvis Presley and Prescription drug abuse

One of America’s most popular singers and cultural icon, Elvis Presley moved to Memphis, Tennessee, when he was 13. It was here that he became popular as the king of Rock-N-Roll. Tennessee is also famous for Elvis' Graceland. The place sees at least half a million visitors each year.

Such a musical talent got wasted due to prescription drug abuse that severely hit his health, and eventually became the cause of his death. He died at the young age of 42 in 1977. The shock over his death led to increased awareness about it among the public. Even insurance companies became aware and made sure they had a special clause for prescription drugs.

Defining "Drug addiction"

Addiction is something that makes you dependent, on drugs, any substance or anything in the world, even your favorite coffee. It’s a chronic condition, a disease of the brain that relapses frequently.

It makes you seek drugs even when you know how harmful it is for you and your life. Exploiting drugs, even prescription drugs, alters your brain’s functions and structure.

Never lie about drug use while applying for insurance

Don’t lie about your use of drugs or history of abuse when filing a Tennessee term life insurance application. You will be committing a fraud. Even if the application gets approved, if you die in a year or two, the company will dig deeper into your past. It will be your family’s bad luck if they find out about your lie, as they will then not payout the death benefit.

The best way to avoid problems is to get an expert opinion. You need to talk to a professional agent who can provide valuable guidance on the subject. He can run through your specific history of drug use and can mentor you in purchasing term life insurance Tennessee.

How to get approval as former drug user?

Be honest, that’s the first step towards ensuring that the application gets approved. Hide nothing about your drug history on your application.

If the company is convinced that your drug abuse habit has been kicked off for many years now, it may have no problem in qualifying you for preferred rates.

In case your drug use history is recent, you can still be approved for Tennessee term life insurance but at a higher premium. Don’t lose heart, as you can apply for a new policy year after year. As the time goes by, the rates will keep getting better and better.